Sunday, April 22, 2012


This card was my first fun card that I received.
One reason I joined Postcrossing was for my 2 sons to gain some knowledge of other countries.
We have a large map of the world on the wall and we are able to show them where postcards have travelled from, mainly because New Zealand is at the bottom of the world and everything else is so far away.

Besides having to find Waldo and Wenda, there was also a checklist of other things to find:
  • A dragon with a scarf
  • Henry VIII and his wives
  • George Washington
It is fun receiving fun interactive cards as well as country cards.


Francene Stanley said...

Postcrossing sounds like a great way for your boys to learn. I'm considering donating a book to bookcrossing, which is roughly the same thing although people who read the book need to log in their location.

Dino said...

That sounds really cool.

We once took a teddy who had come from an American primary school to Cape Town and passed him onto some Japanese tourists. The teddy had a backpack with some disposable cameras and a little handbook. He was a school project and they were trying to see how far he could get and how many photos he could take. We eventually heard from the school that he had made his way home safe and sound. Very cool!

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